Hallie Hart 2019. Photographed by Steven Lyon /
Hallie Hart is an American born artist raised in New York City. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a M.A. in English Literature and excelled at creative writing. Beyond her passion for writing, Hart felt magnetically drawn to painting with a deep and instant connection to abstract expressionism. Hart interned for abstract painter, Annaleis van Dommelen in Holland and it led to an awakening within that she had never felt before. To Hart the concept of gestural expressionism would allow her to channel the methodical chaos of everything happening around her into moments; paintings. Hart's practice as an artist was then set into motion.

Aligning with Pollock in his conceptual and physical approach to picture making, Hart has always chosen to be over her work to have a wide angle view of the overall painting and to continuously be able to work around it. However, instead of Pollock's use of sticks and brushes to drip paint, Hart uses only her hands to manipulate, flick, splatter or throw paint. Further defining Hart's unique practice is her use of catwalks, some spanning eight meters in order to physically get over or into the middle of her pieces.

Hart in 2016 took her love of film and produced and wrote a short documentary titled "Fragments, Michael Gitlin". The film is a fascinating and provocative expose into the life and work of Mr. Gitlin. Hart has also begun a documentary series on art and music and will begin filming in the spring of 2019. Hart is a women's empowerment activist, and is a leading business woman as well. She will be launching HX NYC incorporating the beauty of her paintings into wearable art that cross over to jewelry, apparel and home lines.

Hart has received numerous awards including the prestigious, GemLucArt Award. Hart's paintings have been exhibited widely and her work can be found in numerous corporate and private collections across Europe, Asia and the United States. Hart lives between and maintains studios in New York, London and Monaco.