Hallie Hart is an American-born artist raised in New York City. She managed to stay predominantly focused on education during her formative years, graduating with a degree in English Literature from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and excelling in creative writing. However, Hart always felt magnetically drawn to painting with an unprecedented love for abstract expressionism. Hart interned for successful abstract painter, Annaleis Van Dommelen in Holland; this awakened a side of herself she had never felt before. Since then, she has found inspiration in her extensive travels across the globe with techniques that allow her to use only her hands to channel the methodical chaos of everything she sees happening around her.

This groundbreaking artist’s fearlessness with vibrant acrylics on canvas and various other textiles can be found with several corporate and private collectors across Europe, Asia and her home country of the United States. Hart has also shown for her Royal Highness, The Princess of Hanover and was awarded the Jury Select Honors at GemLucArt in 2013. She has grown into a diverse and accomplished artist, most recently incorporating aluminum and plexiglass into her newest collection based on scientific terminology for various lines.

Hart has also been expressing her curious nature by building 20-foot catwalks to get different heights in order to paint from and also reach the centers of her sometime massive paintings. Hart holds residency at the prestigious MANA Contemporary Fine Arts facility in Jersey City, one the world’s largest private museums parented by Milk Studios of New York City. Hart also works feverishly from her London and Monaco based studios on various hotel and residential projects globally. Hart continues to show several different sides of herself and seek knowledge in her surroundings, inspirations of the city and other great artist alive and in history.